Mechanical Engineering / Automation / Electricity / Industrial Computing

VALENSYS was founded in 2001 as a company dedicated primarily to electrical and automatic area. Over the years, a new mechanical department has been added to complement the electrical and automatic areas and is highly specialized in the design, construction and commissioning of custom machinery for all types of industry, especially food and automotive.

Giving added value to our solutions and our customers, in 2010 decided to create a new department dedicated to value solutions for the industrial sector. This new area of industrial computer intended to complement other areas of the company and provide a broader portfolio of solutions.

For the year 2014 we have also opened a business line more oriented to the IT area of the companies, in what we have called VALENSYS TI as opposed to VALENSYS IT.

VALENSYS combines the work of creating new solutions that add value to existing solutions and serve perfectly to meet the needs of our customers.

Dedication & Commitment

“ISM Valensys wants to be a leader in the field of industrial technology. We have been incorporating new products and services to give added value to all our solutions and that customers can find in us everything they need.”

Jesus Acebo
Emilio Duran

Tailored Solutions

ISM Valensys Industrial Technologies is founded with the aim of giving a comprehensive solution to our customers. We want our company to provide the greatest number of technological solutions that customers have a single interlocutor for any project, however large.

Our areas of mechanics, automatic, electrical and industrial computing make transversely can cover the full range of solutions that may require an industrial company.


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